R & G Produce, LLC
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R & G Produce

Ray Glowaczewski, Jr.

 Raymond oversees the daily planting and harvesting of all produce.  He also maintains our fleet of tractors, fertilizers, and all machinery.   
Gary Glowaczewski

Gary heads up the marketing and distribution divisions of  R & G Produce LLC. Gary also oversees the Farmers Markets and coordinates our trucking company, Glow Boyz Trucking.

R & G Produce, LLC is family-owned and operated produce farm in the Black Dirt Region of Goshen, NY.  In 1998 Raymond and Gary took over operations of the family business and formed R & G Produce, LLC.  Together they grow a large assortment of produce on over 200 acres of the richest soil in Orange County.  Presently R & G Produce, LLC. sells at Farmer's Markets in Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester and Orange County. 
Committed to bringing you the freshest produce from the farm to your table.